Historical Background

 Mount Rosary was founded on June 27, 1937 by a holy Priest of the diocese of Mangalore, Very Rev. Msgr. Francis Elias D’ Souza. The first service he started was a tuberculosis sanatorium of 50 beds, both for men and women patients. Subsequently care and service was initiated for the aged and the dying by Msgr. Francis Elias D’ Souza especially for those who had no family members or children to take care of them in the last days of their life. After the demise of Msgr. Francis Elias D’ Souza, another holy Priest, known for Marian devotion in the diocese of Mangalore, Fr. John Menezes succeeded at Mount Rosary as the director, and he started the service of a home for the destitute and unwanted people especially the single mothers. Succeeding three directors at Mount Rosary continued these threefold services to the best of their ability by improving various facilities either in agriculture or in health, or in providing other infra-structure


  Mother Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary, the Patron

Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me

When I was hungry, you gave me to eat
When I was thirsty, you gave me to drink
Now enter into the home of my Father.
When I was homeless, you opened your door
When on a sick bed, you cared for my needs.
Now enter into the home of my Father. 

These are the words of Jesus. He wants your hands and our hands, to do the works of charity, among the hungry, the naked, the wearied, the sick and the orphan. Then Jesus joins us in our chorus, “whatsoever you do, to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me”. 

St Luke, the writer of the third gospel, has many stories and parables on charity and self giving. One of them is the parable of Dives, the rich man, and Lazarus, the beggar. Dives is in a rich dining banquet hall with his millionaire friends and Lazarus at the gate steps, dogs licking his wounds, begging for crumbs that fall down from the table. Both died. Dives went in to the burning hell fire and Lazarus to the heavenly banquet hall, glorious. Dives begged Abraham to send Lazarus, first to quench his thirst, with a drop of water. It was denied. Then he begged Lazarus be sent to his brothers, enjoying the world and its riches, for themselves. Abraham refused, as they would not listen to Lazarus, or Moses or Prophets or even if someone rose from the grave.

 But we have exceptions who listened to the Lord and kept the word, “whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren that you do unto me” One of them was King Oswald of Hungary, known as the King of the poor. He distributed his riches in charity works like that in Mount Rosary, taking care of the destitute, sick, disabled, orphan and the elderly. For his funeral procession, the poor and the destitute out-numbered the nobility and the rich. His hands were used to giving and they did not decay, even years after his death, when his tomb was opened before his beatification. We all can be Abraham’s helpers to bridge the abyss between the rich and the poor in our little way of caring and loving our little brethren. Our hands too, immersed in charity will be blessed by Jesus the Lord, who became servant of the poor.
There are two big milestones in the history of Mount Rosary, from the year 1937 to 2013.
One, the founding of Mount Rosary Charitable Institution on June 27, 1937 and second, the founding of the Religious Congregation, Helpers of Mount Rosary, on Sept 15, 1990.

The History of Mount Rosary started in the year 1937. The great historical and saintly priest was Msgr Francis Elias D Souza, the parish priest of Holy Rosary Church Alangar, Moodbidri. He started it as a separate institution from the parish, called Mount Rosary Sanatorium, to take care and treat Tuberculosis patients irrespective of caste and creed.


He himself learnt how to treat T.B disease, with homeopathy and country medicines but more with the strength of the devotion to the Holy Rosary. He founded St Pius X ward to give refuge and care to the elderly. To do these medical and caring works, he admitted three young celibate ladies, Sr Bridgit, Sr Pauline & Sr Rose Fontes. He died in the year, 1958.

Rev. Fr. John Menezes succeeded him as the director in 1959 and served till the year 1970. He opened a house for the rehabilitation of women in Nirmala. To get the rehabilitated women occupied, he started a tailoring unit and a printing press. Six new young celibate ladies joined Mount Rosary to serve in the rehabilitation house for women and in the home for the Aged, both of men and women. He opened a house for orphan and destitute children. He was called a lover of children.
The celibate ladies with women they served –


Rev. Fr. Jose Menezes 
came as the Director in the year 1970 and served till the year, 1977. Several important works he implemented for improving the services at Mount Rosary. Some of them were, – digging of wells for water both for human needs and better agriculture. He introduced dairy programme and opened a Rural Health Clinic at Alangar Junction


Rev. Fr. Lawrence S Pais came as the Director in 1970 and well served the Institution till 1987. He served the nine young celibate ladies spiritually and in temporal needs. Two more young celibate ladies joined the group of nine to serve the sick and the aged, and the children.



Rev. Fr. Lawrence V. M Fernandes came as the Director in the year 1987 and worked till 1989 only as he fell sick. But Fr. Lawrence V M Fernandes was a holy priest, and known so in the Diocese of Mangalore. His priestly example was a great boost for all the members at Mount Rosary to become holy like Jesus Christ, under the Patronage of Mother Mary, Queen of the Rosary. 



Rev Fr. Edwin C Pinto came as a Director in 1989 and served the Institution till 2001, when he was called by the newly consecrated Bishop Aloysius Paul D Souza, to be his Vicar General in the Diocese of Mangalore. As a Director, he gave attention to provide spiritual facilities to all the members in the institution. The prayer hall was built by Msgr. F. E. D Souza, the founder Director, and it was extended by Rev. Fr. John Menezes, the second Director, roofed by asbestos sheets. when Fr. Edwin C Pinto, came, he saw that the hall was not sufficient to the growing number of members. When he took charge the number was sixty. This number had steadily increased and now it is two hundred and fifty, with members from all sections in Mount Rosary and the sisters and trainees. So he built a spacious church and dedicated it to Mother Mary Queen of the Rosary. It can accommodate now three hundred and fifty worshipers.




Besides the church, the following accommodation were built; the mother house to accommodate professed sisters, Arpana Convent to have the PUC candidates in the come and see programme. The other trainee’s houses, for postulancy and novitiate years were accommodated in the existing old houses in Mount Rosary.
The kitchen and store house were renovated. The Animal husbandry section, of dairy, of piggery and poultry were streamlined, not just with new sheds but after practical lesions in the Animal husbandry subject were held for sisters and inmates.
Agriculture programme was also extended, from sixty existing coconut trees. Areca cultivation was new to Mount Rosary and therefore bore wells were dug to provide water for four Acres of Areca plantation and pepper cultivation as well. There was a vast plot of land of twenty five acres in the Mount Rosary campus, which was brought under Rubber cultivation. First lessons in the cultivation were conducted and the first three batches of sisters themselves planted the Rubber seedlings and nurtured them to make the Institution self sufficient.
The one, who sings, prays twice. Fr. Edwin Pinto himself being a singer trained the sisters and institution members in singing in voices. Our divine services are blessed by the Lord and Mother Mary.
When Fr. Edwin Pinto was called to be the vicar General, he had to reside more at the Bishop house, Mangalore and therefore an Administrator for the institution was appointed from the year 2001 and after three years, the Administration of Mount Rosary institution is given to sisters, Helpers of Mount Rosary for the future.
Sr. Prescilla D Mello, the superior General of the sisters, was appointed the Administrator from 2001 and she continues in the Office even todate.
She is first and foremost known for her motherly care of all the members in the Institution. She visits them very often in the wards and various houses, listens to them, arranges spiritual care, provides health and food needs and has installed recreational needs in the wards.
She attends daily at Mount Rosary Office not only to oversee honest and proper Accounts keeping, but also welcomes friends and benefactors and young people and parish groups visiting Mount Rosary and shares the value of sharing, which the Lord has taught us.

She has launched a huge programme of student scholarships for the education of poor and backward section of boys and girls from families of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and She has initiated with the help of her social worker sisters, a rural self employment programme to gainfully employ village women to up-lift their family life. There are at present seventy two village women groups, each having membership of twenty to thirty women members, in each group. The programme extending to all communities of people irrespective of caste and creed is Christ love for the poor.


Helpers of,

Mount Rosary Alangar